4 New Ways to Use Aluminum Foil

Foil exhibits some unique properties of metal – moisture-proof, odor-proof, able to withstand extreme temperatures and adds the uncanny ability to be molded into any imaginable shape. Foil is also washable.  So the next time you use a sheet of foil to cover a plate of leftovers, rinse it off afterwards, and save it for one of these unexpected household uses:



  • Pot scrubber:  Ball up some aluminum foil for an easy way to remove baked-on, caked-on grime from pots and pans.  Also works on grease-caked grills.
  • Silver polisher: Submerge tarnished silver in a glass pan of boiling water lined with aluminum foil; then add two teaspoons of salt.  In minutes, a simple chemical reaction will dissolve the tarnish without damaging the silver.
  • No-fuss funnel:  Where’s a funnel when you need it?  Form a cone out of a double layer of foil and you’re in business.


  • Scissor sharpener:  If your scissors get dull, simply cut through a sheet of aluminum foil.